Friday, March 5, 2010

A Sample of our Architectural Millwork

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Wilson & McCracken has been matching and reproducing Custom Millwork since 1984.

Our traditional designs draw on existing architectural detail for inspiration.
With our guidance, the clients’ ideas become tangible, stylistic expressions of their taste, adding functionality and beauty to their home.

What is Architectural Millwork? Any decorative woodwork which is a permanent part of a building is Architectural Millwork.

Exterior millwork would include corbels or brackets, and all types of gingerbread”, porch components such as railing and posts, columns, entrance surrounds, doors, and gates. Because this type of work is exposed to the elements, we use a very select few species of wood, known for their durability outside. We also utilize several man made materials, like marine plywood, architectural foam, and Thermally Modified Lumber.

Interior millwork would include: wainscot, wood trim, doors, staircases, and built in cabinetry, libraries, staircase paneling, window seats, mantels, and shutters.

Wilson & McCracken treats interior millwork with the same respect as fine custom furniture, and employ many furniture makers’ techniques to achieve this high level of quality.

Book shelves flanking fireplace mantles are typical example of interior custom millwork. For projects like these, we take the responsibility of doing all the measuring. Whether you have a contractor, architect, or you’re a do-it-your-selfer, we’ll make the process straight forward. We’ll meet on site to identify and head off any problem areas, before construction begins. We’ll provide a full set of large scale working drawings, as well as going over the installation process, in detail, in person, on site.

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