Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lionel “OO” Gauge

We designed and built this Art Deco display case for a Lionel Train Collector to exhibit a rare salesman’s case for “Lionel OO” gauge trains.  The “OO” gauge trains were only produced from 1938-1942.  The logo is from 1938 Lionel catalog

The logo was executed in Cherry, Walnut, Curly Maple, with Ebony details, in a CNC process we call “Three Dimensional Inlay”.  

In this process, 1/16” deep recess is routed in the walnut background for each of the elements, which are then epoxied in place.  This creates multiple levels and overlapping layers.

CNC parts ready for assembly

1938 Lionel “OO” Gauge Case

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

U. Pittsburgh Russian Nationality Room

Completed Reproduction Cabinet
Completed Reproduction Cabinet

We were tasked with building a cabinet for the University of Pittsburgh Russian Nationality room. The cabinet houses three gifts from Dmitry Medvedev (former president of Russia), and become a permanent addition to the room.

The carved ornamentation of the new cabinet matches the room’s original carvings. To somewhat disguise the fact that the cabinet is new, we created a little wear in strategic places, and dusted the recesses of the carvings with a custom blended “soot” as exists in the rest of the room.

Original Carving

New Carving

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Sampling of our Carving

Click thumbnail to enlarge, and scroll down to see more.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Carved Window Valances in Walnut

Finished Valances waiting for installation

We always have something fun going on at Wilson & McCracken.  This commission is for seven reproduction valances.  Each valance has 6 carvings and four “veined” sections.  In the new valances, castings of musical instruments will be used in place of the plaster busts.  We’re about half way done here are some progress shots.  We’ll keep you updated.