Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Custom Entry Door with Crotch Mahogany Panels

Crotch Mahogany Entry

Crotch Mahogany Entry

This custom entry door entry was commissioned for a new residence in Pittsburgh Pa.

These doors feature our own “Book-Matched” 1/8” thick veneer which is vacuum pressed over Honduras Mahogany “Stave Laminated Cores”.  This method provides maximum stability and control of grain pattern, and is used when the desire is for the finest possible, Furniture Grade Door.

The door’s overall thickness is 2-1/4”.  All of the mouldings were custom and are particular to this house only.  The crotch mahogany panels are 1-3/4” with a graceful sweeping bevel.  The Custom Millwork surrounding these doors are done in the traditional manor.  The sidelights are composed of a sash resting on a beveled sill.  Beneath the sill, the paneling steps out to provide both structural and visual support, for the beautiful 1/2” thick Starfire® glass with a 1-3/4” bevel.  

The jamb is 1-3/4” at the rim and 3-1/2” thick at the door.  The arched jamb head is vacuum laminated of eight 1/8” veneers, making an amazingly stable arch.  Wilson & McCracken never uses inferior methods of building arched top jambs such as “kerf bending” or laminating “bending plywood”.

All miters are glued and “blind dovetailed” to ensure they will never open up.

Wilson & McCracken provided templates for the stone fabricator, to ensure the arched limestone would produce the proper reveal.

We’d love to build one for you.