Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh

This was a three phase project which took place over a period of about a year.  There were three sets of doors which needed to be addressed.

Two sets of doors were restorable. The repairs to them included replacing panel boards, re-veneering all the bottom rails, and a couple stiles with 1/8″ veneer.  Restoring the door jambs and all hardware were also part of our scope.

The third of set of doors (shown here) were beyond repair.  With considerable work the existing arched top jamb was successfully restored.  The doors however were built new.  The construction techniques used improved on those used in the original doors.  The doors use our own re-sawn 1/8″ thick white oak veneer laminated over a Honduras Mahogany core.  The finish is 4 coats of high gloss marine varnish, brush applied.

As long term client we also have restored a major window and several pieces of furniture, as well as building a new memorial plaque and a vestment table.